Draft Agenda

Times are currently estimates and are subject to change

Monday (2020-07-06)

  • Other Potential Developer Day Events
  • Geospatial Developer Day (Geosaurus at T-Rex)

Tuesday (2020-07-07)

  • Diversity Scholar Orientation (8am)
  • Tutorials (AM and PM sessions)
  • Get Involved with R Core Information Session (during lunch)
  • Opening Reception (beginning at 6pm)

Wednesday (2020-07-08)

  • Mentoring Meet-up (8am)
  • Conference Opening and First Keynote (8:45am)
  • Diversity Scholar Networking Event (5pm)
  • Gala Dinner (6pm)
  • City Museum (8pm-11pm)

Thursday (2020-07-09)

  • First Session begins at 8:30am
  • Poster Session (5pm to 6pm)
  • Job Fair (6pm to 8pm)
  • R-Ladies Reception (7pm to 8:30pm, with presentation at 7:15pm)
  • Geospatial Reception (7:30pm to 9pm, with presentation at 8pm)

Friday (2020-07-10)

  • First Session begins at 8:30am
  • R-Core Tutorial (11:30am)
  • Conference Closing (ends at 4:30pm)