Tutorial Sessions (Tuesday 2020-07-07)


Morning Session Abstracts


Afternoon Session Abstracts

  • How green was my valley - Spatial analytics with PostgreSQL, PostGIS, R, and PL/RJ. Conway
  • Creating beautiful data visualizations in R: a ggplot2 crash courseS. Tyner
  • Building interactive web applications with Dash for RR. Kyle
  • Easy Larger-than-RAM data manipulation with disk.frameZJ Dai
  • R Markdown recipesY. Xie
  • Getting the most out of GitC. Gillespie and R. Davies
  • End-to-end machine learning with Metaflow: Going from prototype to production with Netflix’s open source project for reproducible data scienceS. Goyal and B. Galvin
  • Package developmentJ. Hester and H. Wickham
  • What they forgot to teach you about teaching RM. Cetinkaya-Rundel