Contributed Sessions

useR! 2020 contributions were accepted for one of three formats:

  • regular: ~15 minute talk
  • lightning: ~5 minute talk
  • poster: ~3 minute talk, with option to submit poster as supplementary material

These contributions have been arranged into topic-based sessions and corresponding video playlists are available on YouTube. Session titles link to their specific playlists.


Title Speaker(s) Talk Type YouTube Materials
Mortality Minder Karan Bhanot regular video files
pepFunk: peptide-centric functional enrichment for metaproteomic gut microbiome data Caitlin Simopoulos regular video files
rejustify AI-enhanced ETL engine Marcin Wolski regular video files
Building descriptive tables with the updated compareGroups package Isaac Subirana lightning video files
MeningiOMICS Kaitlyn O’Shea lightning video files
Methods of report generation in clinical trials using R and knitr Alessio Maggiorelli lightning video files
Robust alternatives for comparing time-event survival curves with R Lubomir Stepanek lightning video files
Comparing the Treatment Regimen of Newly Diagnosed Pediatric Leukemia Patients Sierra Davis poster video files
MUACz: An R Package for Generating MUAC and BMI z-scores and Percentiles for Children and Adolescents Lazarus Mramba poster video files


Title Speaker(s) Talk Type YouTube Materials
Communities of practice in Latin America: R and Friends Laura Acion et al regular video files
R community explorer: the state of R Rick Pack (Ben Ubah) regular video files
Tidy Tuesday: Scaffolding for a Community of Practice Tom Mock regular video files
Improving open data accessibility through package development and community work Diego Kozlowski poster video files

Data Management

Title Speaker(s) Talk Type YouTube Materials
DataSailr package enables intuitive row by row data manipulation Toshihiro Umehara regular video files
Larger-than-memory R Konrad Siek regular video files
PostgreSQL As A Data Science Database Parfait Gasana regular video files
staypuft: object validation and serialization Scott Chamberlain regular video files
themis: dealing with imbalanced data by using synthetic oversampling Emil Hvitfeldt regular video files
missMethods - An R Package for Creating and Handling Missing Data as well as Evaluating Missing Data Methods Tobias Rockel lightning video files
SynthTools: An R Package to Measure Synthetic Data Utility Charlotte Looby lightning video files

Economics and Finance

Title Speaker(s) Talk Type YouTube Materials
BVAR: Bayesian Vector Autoregressions with Hierarchical Prior Selection in R Nikolas Kuschnig regular video files
R for Data Privacy and Governance Alyssa Columbus regular video files
svars: An R Package for Data-Driven Identification in Multivariate Time Series Analysis Alexander Lange regular video files
Understanding Machine Learning for Diversified Portfolio Construction by Explainable AI Dimitri Marinelli regular video files
Multi-stage Financial Modeling using Machine Learning in R Yong Chen, xuanyan cai lightning video files
How green is your portfolio? Tracking CO2 footprint in the insurance sector Antoine Logean poster video files

Machine Learning and Statistics

Title Speaker(s) Talk Type YouTube Materials in R preserving wildlife with computer vision Jedrzej Swiezewski regular video files
KeOps: Seamless Kernel Operations on GPU without memory overflows B. Charlier, G. Durif regular video files
Extending flexmix to model-based clustering with sparse data Bettina Grün lightning video files
How to simplify Machine Learning workflows specifications? Anton Antonov lightning video files
mlr3hyperband: Multi-Fidelity Hyperparameter Optimization with R Sebastian Gruber poster video files
Towards Trustworthy Machine Learning: Debugging with Expert Knowledge Helena Kotthaus poster video files


Title Speaker(s) Talk Type YouTube Materials
A method for deriving information from running R code Mark van der Loo regular video files
A Risk-based Assessment for R Package Accuracy Andy Nicholls, Juliane Manitz regular video files
Arbitrary precision linear algebra in R using RcppEigen and BH Max Turgeon regular video files
Flexibility in routines by using s4 classes: calculating habitat conservation status as an example Els Lommelen regular video files
How fastR can help R package developers Stepan Sindelar regular video files
The Current State and Future Prospects of Encoding Support in R Tomas Kalibera regular video files
FasteR code: vectorizing computations in R S Gwynn Sturdevant lightning video files
Why continuous integration will save your team and your packages Sebastian Engel-Wolf lightning video files
LabVIEW-R interface damjan krizmancic poster video files

Reproducible Research

Title Speaker(s) Talk Type YouTube Materials
Be proud of your code! Marcin Dubel regular video files
Rapid & Reproducible Resistance Analysis For All - The AMR package for R Matthijs Berends regular video files
Using Pins to Ensure Reproducibility with Datasets Javier Luraschi regular video files
PRDA package: Enhancing Statistical Inference via Prospective and Retrospective Design Analysis. Claudio Zandonella Callegher lightning video files
projmgr: Managing the human dependencies of your project Emily Riederer lightning video files
Reactor: reactive notebooks for R Herb Susmann lightning video files
Why Should I use the Here Package When I’m Already Using Projects Malcolm Barrett lightning video files

Social Science

Title Speaker(s) Talk Type YouTube Materials
blavaan: An R package for Bayesian structural equation modeling Ed Merkle regular video files
sensemakr Sensitivity Analysis Tools for OLS Carlos Cinelli regular video files
simpr: concise and readable simulations for the tidyverse Ethan Brown regular video files
Social Categorizations in CRAN data Simon Couch lightning video files
Why Social Workers Need Data Science Gina Griffin lightning video files
Word Embeddings and Geometric Deep Learning for Social Network Analysis Michael Ghisletti lightning video files
Scoring the implicit: The implicitMeasures package Ottavia Epifania poster video files


Title Speaker(s) Talk Type YouTube Materials
arcgisbinding: An R package for integrating R in ArcGIS Orhun Aydin regular video files
bcdata: Reproducible spatial data retrieval from a Geoserver Web Service Andy Teucher regular video files
Mapping 311 Requests by Community Area in Chicago Using Shiny, Leaflet, and The Tidyverse Jim Kloet lightning video files
Privacy protected maps using adaptive kernel density estimation Edwin de Jonge lightning video files


Title Speaker(s) Talk Type YouTube Materials
Learning R Through Spaced Repetition and the Remembr Package Daniel Jacobs regular video files
Moving backwards with R Aimee Schwab-McCoy regular video files
Teaching R with Peer Review and a New Rubric Alon Friedman, Zachariah Beasley regular video files
Framing transparency as an ethical responsibility in PhD data science Casey Canfield lightning video files
University Libraries for R: Supporting R useR!s Maze Ndukum, Dorris Scott, Marcy Vana lightning video files

Time Series

Title Speaker(s) Talk Type YouTube Materials
LDATS: Latent Dirichlet Allocation Coupled with Time Series Analyses Juniper Simonis regular video files
muHVT: Case based computational geometry modeling toolkit using R Zubin Dowlaty regular video files
An online scheduling approach for distributed additive manufacturing systems Ícaro Agostino lightning video files
ztsdb, a time-series DBMS for R users Leonardo Silvestri lightning video files


Title Speaker(s) Talk Type YouTube Materials
Doing Journalism with R Benedict Witzenberger regular video files
rtables Gabriel Becker regular video files
Visualization of missing data and imputations in time series Steffen Moritz lightning video files
Your slides are so extra! Gerrick Aden-Buie lightning video files
Improving accessibility in data visualizations created by ggplot2 Christine Chai poster video files

Web Applications

Title Speaker(s) Talk Type YouTube Materials
Manage your Shiny app users Alexander Matrunich regular video files
shi18ny: Internationalization for Shiny Apps Juan Pablo Marin Diaz regular video files
Cybersecurity risk assessment with R Corey Neskey lightning video files
metashiny: build Shiny apps with a Shiny app Bo Wang lightning video files
Very Easy Web Scraping with ralger Mohamed El Fodil Ihaddaden lightning video files